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Deborah Bohl is a designer with over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential design. Her first great love was vintage textiles and antiques, which lead her to a degree in fashion design and a lifelong passion for art history and historic architecture. Her background and continued pursuit of detail create the story and platform for each of her projects. Her interiors often feature custom furniture and signage, reclaimed and re-purposed wood, and architectural elements which are woven into the fabric of both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Deborah's belief is that the energy of contrast; the juxtaposition of the rustic with the refined, the elegant and the humble, and the old with the new, breathes an indefinable life and energy into a space. Whether designing restaurants, homes, offices, or hotels, the goal is the same: To create a welcoming, livable appeal, which strikes a universal chord of comfort and hospitality for all who enter.

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